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2019 Board of Directors Candidates

Survey Monkey link for online voting: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/RPVKB78

Mark Anderson

Board Position: Member at Large

Employment: Musician with Monroe Crossing - Computer Consultant

Why are you interested in serving on the Board? I'd like to try and get more sponsors for our events, do some co-operative advertising and reach out to the untraditional audiences for Bluegrass which is how I wound up coming to the music 30 years ago.  Even beyond getting more people to events, I'd like to see MBOTMA look at ways to make it easier for young families to get involved through subscription based event tickets.

Volunteer Background: I was on the board back in '95 as well.

Additional Comments/Skills: I was on the board 23 years ago and know technology.

Jason Juran

Board Position: Member at Large

Employment: Senior Associate Attorney with Robert R. Hopper and Associates

Why are you interested in serving on the Board? MBOTMA is truly one of the most important and well-organized associations promoting the heritage of the music I love that I have ever encountered. The festivals, the magazine, the events, the outreach, and just the overall vibe of the organization fill me with inspiration and quite honestly, hope. My community is better because of MBOTMA, and so many of my closest friends (as well as the new ones I meet at every jam or event) benefit constantly from the incredible work this group does every day.

Volunteer Background: I have volunteered countless hours over the years with organizations, music festivals, political candidates and initiatives; and I regularly represent clients pro bono through both legal counsel on their cases as well as through representation in open courts of law. I have routinely been asked to sit on boards and councils (although not for this type of non-profit), and folks have nominated me for many positions in the past, due to my love of people and my work ethic.

Additional Comments/Skills: Regardless of being accepted for any formal position, I would like to be as involved with MBOTMA as I can be. It is truly one of the most important organizations I know of in my community. While it may not be directly applicable to every aspect of the group, I hope that my legal background might be of some use, whether or not through a formal board position.

Bill Lindroos

Board Position: Member at Large

Employment: 3M, Retired

Why are you interested in serving on the Board? In order to remain relevant and accomplish our mission, MBOTMA must continue to adapt to the times.  I wish to continue serving on the board to continue the work we’ve initiated including completing and working the new strategic plan.  MBOTMA remains a vital organization, but requires an active, working board to maintain the momentum.

Volunteer Background: 3 years service on MBOTMA board,  Roles task force, Program Planning committee. Member of following event committees: Kickoff, August Festival, Fall Jam,  Americana Roots contest.

Additional Comments/Skills: I highly value the unique sense of community that exists within MBOTMA and recognize that this community can only be perpetuated by the action of committed volunteers.  My 35+ years of experience in biomedical research provides me with tools to contribute to this important effort.

Rudy Marti

Board Position: Member at Large

Employment: J & R Pizza, Inc. (dba) Domino's Pizza

Why are you interested in serving on the Board? Hello, My name is Rudy Marti and I’m running for re-election to your MBOTMA board of directors.

The last two years on the board have been a great experience for me. We’ve had some tough decision to make that haven’t pleased everyone, but these decisions are made so that MBOTMA will be around for many years to come. I would say with the huge success of the August Festival this year we are moving in a positive direction.  Let’s keep the momentum going.

We don’t shoot from the hip, we discuss at length and research the issues at hand so that we can make the best and informed decisions for our organization.

With the strong leadership of Laura Cooper our President and the other members of the board also with help from our staff and volunteers we are all working hard to make MBOTMA a stronger and better organization.

I’ve heard from many of you at the festivals and I want to thank you for your support.

I started out volunteering for MBOTMA at the June and August festivals, just filling in where needed.  Five years ago I was asked to join the Kickoff and August festival staffs. My job title for the August festival is Reserve Camping Coordinator. My duties are to assign patrons to utility campsites at El Rancho Manana. It’s been very rewarding working with the other staff members on the committees. Our goal is to strive to put on the best show possible for your enjoyment. 

Please cast your vote for me this fall so that this board can keep moving MBOTMA forward in a direction that will ensure that we will have venues to be able to listen and play music for years to come. Thank you.

Volunteer Background: Mainly with MBOTMA but also with Habitats for Humanities

Additional Comments/Skills: I've learned many things with over 35 years of owning my own business, two things stand out. 1, you need great people working for you and 2, you need to have sound fiscal practices.

Mitchell Rea

Board Position: Member at Large

Employment: Tax Analyst - Best Buy; Prior: Manager at CliftonLarsonAllen

Why are you interested in serving on the Board? I firmly believe I can leverage the financial acumen I've developed in my professional career, both in a broad technical sense as well as specifically with nonprofit financial accounting, to serve MBOTMA's mission and its constituency.

Volunteer Background: Several years as a contracted financial/management consultant to nonprofits in the Twin Cities, which led to several volunteer opportunities with each organization, including both participating in and planning volunteer events. In addition, one year on MBOTMA board.

Michael Sawyer

Board Position: Member at Large

Employment: Mississippi Market Food Cooperative

Why are you interested in serving on the Board? I have been around MBOTMA activities for 40 years.  As a youngster, my parents would drag me around to their bands shows.  Although I have a great love for classic Bluegrass, I am an old-time musician at heart.  I want to make sure that old-time music and interests are well represented on the board of directors.

For too long I have sat on the sidelines of this organization.  I have enjoyed the opportunity to teach, put on workshops and play shows at MBOTMA events and would like an opportunity to give more of my energy back to the community.  My love of both Upper Midwest and National old-time music history and its modern applications could be a useful tool for the board as it strives to keep the organization forward thinking while being deeply rooted.

I play a variety of historical music.  I have a group that is learning old Upper-Midwest fiddle tunes;  A group that plays old Mississippi Delta stringband blues; As a solo artist, I love to play crooked tunes and sing Appalachian ballads- I believe that as an organization we should pitch a big tent and always be thinking of the great music that unites us in our decision making.

I hope you will consider me for the board.  I will promise to think of the big picture, with the goal of getting more people learning about and plugged in to this great organization.

Volunteer Background: I also was on the board of directors for Mississippi Market food cooperative for 3 years.

Additional Comments/Skills: I am trained in conflict/resolution and been the lead facilitator in many group meetings over the years.

Eldon Young Walser

Board Position: Member at Large

Employment: Seward Co-op

Why are you interested in serving on the Board? I am a local old time musician and would love to be more involved in the local music scene. I think my music background and having grown up in the Minnesota bluegrass and old time community would give me a valuable perspective to bring to the board.

Volunteer Background: I have volunteered for a few local political campaigns.

Additional Comments/Skills: I am an old time fiddler who has grown up in the Minnesota old time and bluegrass community.

Shane Zack

Board Position: Secretary

Employment: Friends School of Minnesota, Director of Enrollment

Why are you interested in serving on the Board? I am a strong believer in MBOTMA's mission and have professional experience that could serve in the management and strategic visioning for our organization.

Volunteer Background: I have served as the board secretary for roughly 2.5 years.

Board Leadership Experience: I have served in this capacity for the past 2.5 years.

Robbi Podrug

Board Position: Treasurer

Employment: I am currently a Tax Director at Best Buy, responsible for the State and Local Income Tax team of five individuals, who file 300+ tax returns annually, and manage state income tax audits for Best Buy.

Why are you interested in serving on the Board? The organization is in transition.  It has been stabilized, and now needs to focus on the future of the organization through strategic planning.  This work is important, is partially-baked, and I would like to see the process through this next step.

Volunteer Background: I have been Treasurer of MBOTMA for three years.

Board Leadership Experience: I have led the Finance Committee these last three years.  In addition, I have overseen the full transition to Quickbooks Online, modified credit card processes, and been active in grant-reporting and application prep.

Financial Qualifications: I am a CPA, have extensive experience creating and providing financial guidance to nonprofit, and other, organizations.  I have a long history of process-improvement, financial controls, staff development and leadership in my career.


Survey Monkey link for online voting: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/RPVKB78

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