Articles of Incorporation - DRAFT

Dear Membership,

The Board of Directors are seeking your vote of approval to amend our current Articles of Incorporation. At present we are not operating in compliance with Minnesota Statute due to conflicts between our Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws. Operating in good faith, your Board of Directors has been working with the law firm of Messerli Kramer to draft documents that not only bring us into compliance but also help us better serve our mission in the future. Legal language has been updated, we have added our mission statement, and altered information regarding the Board of Directors and amendment procedure.

To approve the amended Articles of Incorporation draft, which the Board of Directors approved by unanimous vote at our October 1, 2019 meeting, we need to receive votes from at least 85 members. The motion will be approved if 51% or more of the votes cast are in favor. Your next step is to review the proposed draft then remove the ballot and complete it according to the instructions. Once completed the ballot can be returned by mail, postmarked by January 17, 2020. A complete copy of our current Articles as well as the proposed draft can be found at the link below. We thank you for your participation in this incredibly important action as we seek to perpetually preserve and promote bluegrass and old-time string band music in and around the state of Minnesota. 

Please click HERE to read the Articles of Incorporation Draft document. 

Please click HERE to read the current AOI document. 

Minnesota Bluegrass & Old-Time Music Association
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Our Mission: To preserve and promote bluegrass and old-time stringband music in and around the state of Minnesota.

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