Minnesota Bluegrass Cabin Fever

Minnesota Bluegrass Cabin Fever Festival

March 29-31, 2019  -  Radisson Harborview Hotel, Duluth, MN

Cabin Fever Schedule


Off-Site Bluegrass Jam
--5:00-8:00 PM: Ursa Minor Brewing (2415 W Superior St)

Off-Site Celtic Jam
--7:00-10:00 PM: Sir Benedicts Tavern (805 E Superior St)


Friday Happy Hour: Bowery Brothers Pub, Radisson Hotel
--3:00 - 6:00 PM: Open Mic

Friday Night Concert: Main Ballroom, Radisson Hotel

--7:00 Riverside Bog Stompers
--8:00 Noah John & Ringing Iron
--9:00 The Barley Jacks
--10:15 The Fish Heads

Friday Night Dance: Harbor City School
--7:00-9:00 PM Honky Tonk Swing Dance with music by The Radio Wranglers


Workshops, Room A, Radisson Hotel

--10:00 AM Mandolin Workshop with Ted Heinonen and Derek Birkeland

--11:20 PM First Generation Bluegrass History with Nicholas Klee

--12:40 PM Playing Twin with any instrument, Radio Wranglers

--2:00 PM Feeding and Care of Instruments with Lloyd Laplant

Workshops, Room B, Radisson Hotel

--10:00 AM Guitar Workshop with Noah John of Ringing Iron

--11:20 PM Bass Workshop with Keith Yates of the Barley Jacks.

--12:40 PM Fiddle Workshop with Brian Wicklund

--2:00 PM Fish Heads band: Song Choice & Stage Banter...Does it matter?

Saturday Afternoon Concert: Main Ballroom, Radisson Hotel

--12:00 Road Kill Boys
--12:50 Rosby Corner
--1:40 Timbre Junction
--2:30 TrueGrass Trio
--3:20 Sarah Mae & Birkeland Boys

Saturday Afternoon Dances & Workshops: Harbor City School
(Free admission to these activities!)

--1:00 Family Dance (bring the kids) & Dance Workshop (how to be a dance band and call) w/Terrence Smith & Sue Hagge
--2:00 Old-Time Fiddle Workshop w/Clancy Ward. Instruments available to try out.
--2:00 Old-Time Banjo Workshop w/Kyle Ollah. Instruments available to try out.
--3:00 Flatfooting & Clogging workshop w/Laura Greensmith
--3:00 Old-Time Jam w/Kyle Ollah (play the tunes you learned in the last hour workshops)

Saturday Dinner Show: Main Ballroom, Radisson Hotel

Bowery Bros Pub will provide table service in the main ballroom from 4:30 to 6:00 pm for this this special Saturday Dinner Show. Menus and service will be available at round tables only (general theater seating will not be served).

--4:30 Noah John & Ringing Iron
--5:15 The Radio Wranglers
--6:00 Sarah Mae & Birkeland Boys

Saturday Night Dance: Harbor City School

--6:00-9:00 PM – Old-Time Dance with music by the Small Time Serenaders and dances called by Tom & Brandy.

Saturday Night Concert: Main Ballroom, Radisson Hotel

--7:15 Fish Heads
--8:15 Barley Jacks
--9:30 Noah John & Ringing Iron
--10:30 Radio Wranglers


Sunday Gospel Sendoff: Main Ballroom, Radisson Hotel

--9:00 Sarah Mae & The Birkeland Boys/Music & Message with Mike Birkeland
--10:10 Gloryland Gospel Band
--10:45 Gospel Jam (ballroom foyer)

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Our Mission: To preserve and promote bluegrass and old-time stringband music in and around the state of Minnesota.

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