Minnesota Bluegrass Fall Jam

Minnesota Bluegrass Fall Jam

November 15, 16 & 17, 2019  •   Crowne Plaza, Plymouth, MN

FALL JAM: Theme Jams and Draw Bands

Theme Jams

Coordinator Mark Johnson keeps coming up with a crazy number of really popular theme jams. Check back for the full schedule.

  • Thursday Night: Early Bird Jam
  • Friday: Y'all Come Jam
  • Sunday morning: Gospel Jam led by Gloryland Gospel Band
  • Fiddle tunes with Mary DuShane
  • Singers Jam
  • Swing Jam
  • Slow Jam
  • The “Island of Misfit Toys” Jam for accordions, kazoos and whatever ya got!
  • Bill Cagley Beginner Jam
  • And, of course, Bluegrass Jams!

Draw Bands

Sign up on your own or encourage your buddies to signup up for the draw bands!

      • Band leaders will be available to help facilitate or mentor the groups as needed
      • Open to players of any instrument at any level of ability -- experienced and new players welcome

Some new players may want to experience their first time on stage, maybe another stepping out into soloing, others may be very experienced but haven’t shared the stage with each other before. This is a great time to show off the bluegrass and old-time traditions of mentorship!

Advance sign up will be available at the festival in person anytime before the draw. The random drawing will be held on Saturday at 12 pm at the Fireside Stage, and you will be assigned to your band. Then you will have the afternoon to come up with a name and practice a few songs to present.

Draw Band performances at 6 pm Saturday evening!

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