Enjoy some pictures from past events and test your MBOTMA knowledge!

Trivia answers are at the bottom of the page.

 `<img alt="One man playing Guitar, one playing Violin, once playing Banjo and one playing double Bass"`>2018 August Fest 

1. Who was on the cover of the March 2020 Minnesota Bluegrass magazine?

2. How many times has that artist won

"Fiddle Player of the Year"

 `<img alt="A group of 7 people sitting around a campsite playing a variety of instruments"`>2007 August Fest

 `<img alt="3 Men and 1 Woman on Stage singing live and playing instruments"`>2007 August Fest

3. What is the name of the latest album released by that  artist?

4. What is the name of the documentary that recently featured that artist?

 `<img alt="3 men and 2 woman on a stage playing live music."`>2018 August Fest 


1) Michael Cleveland. 2) 12 times   3) Tall Fiddler   4) Flamekeeper: The Michael Cleveland Story 

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