About Our Music

Our mission is to preserve and promote bluegrass and old-time string band music in and around the state of Minnesota.

But exactly what does that mean? First of all, our emphasis is generally on acoustic music played on string instruments such as fiddle, banjo, guitar, mandolin, and bass. You’ll hear traditional fiddle tunes, old “folk” songs, classic bluegrass from the 1950s onward, as well as brand new songs and newly-composed instrumentals.

Our association also welcomes “related” forms of acoustic music – Cajun, Celtic, folk, swing, Dixieland, country, roots, and the like! 

What is Bluegrass music?

What is Old Time music?

Old-time music was the old-time name for real mountain-type folk music. Old-time music is the main foundation for bluegrass music. It is the kind of music that Bill Monroe, Earl Scruggs, the Stanley Brothers and in fact most rural people prior to the mid nineteen twenties, were raised with. It is the old unaccompanied English ballads like Barbara Allen, new American songs like Wild Bill Jones, old fiddle tunes like Devil's Dream, and newer banjo tunes like Cumberland Gap. It's a rich and varied heritage of music - as rich as the roots music of any country. It was played throughout rural America but was extra strong and distinctive in the Southeast, especially in the mountains. It is sung and played on a variety of acoustic instruments including the guitar and mandolin which were newcomers to it in the early twentieth century

What is Related music?

Minnesota Bluegrass & Old-Time Music Association
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Our Mission: To preserve and promote bluegrass and old-time stringband music in and around the state of Minnesota.

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