Thank You Volunteers!

Minnesota Bluegrass would not exist without the talent, dedication, and commitment of our volunteers. We only have a handful of part time staff members – almost everything we do is accomplished by volunteers. Service to the organization is not only fun, it’s a great way to connect with other people who share your love of the music. Thank you volunteers for everything you do for Minnesota Bluegrass!

Picture: Group of volunteers during a Festival weekend

Picture: Group of volunteers during a Festival weekend 

Minnesota Bluegrass and Old Time Music Association has volunteer opportunities for everyone. From selling raffle tickets during the festival weekends, Joining a committee, helping recruit volunteers or running for a spot on our Board of Directors, there's a place for everyone! 

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Ready to get involved?

General Volunteer

Marketing and Communications: help promote our festivals and events with area news affiliates and organizational partners

Social Media - Facebook and Twitter: post on behalf of the organization to help raise money, recruit volunteers, promote festivals

Volunteer Management: post our volunteer opportunities, help coordinate volunteers at events, assist with recognitions  

Development/Fundraising: help us find and write grant opportunities, connect with sponsors, organize fundraisers.

Roles are time-flexible and open to people of all skills and backgrounds. If you'd like more information about these opportunities, fill out the General Volunteer Application and the Volunteer Coordinator will be in touch. 

General Volunteer Application 

Festival Committees

Each festival has a volunteer committee that plans our festivals. The committees meet regularly in the months leading up to each festival and have a great time working out the details. If you'd like more information about the Festival Committees, fill out the General Volunteer Application and make sure to fill all details regarding joining a committee. A committee chair will be in touch.

                                                                                     General Volunteer Application 

Key Volunteer

We have a limited number of positions available for volunteers to take leadership roles with the organization. With these positions, you are not tied to one festival, instead help at all of them. Things like Promotions Coordinator, Membership Coordinator, Front Gate Coordinator and more. Head over to the Key Volunteer Page to learn more about position that are available!

If Interested contact the Executive Director with any questions or to volunteer.

Board of Directors

Minnesota Bluegrass as a whole is led by people who are willing to go the extra mile in service to the organization. Members of the board are elected by the our members and elections are held every year in the fall. For more information about joining the Board, check out the Volunteer for the Board page

Please contact the President with any questions. To see who is serving on the board right now, check our Board and Staff page. 

Is your Group looking for volunteer opportunities?

Complete our group volunteer application, and we will be in touch to see how we can best accommodate your group!

                                                                                   Group Volunteer Application

Here's What Our Volunteers Have to Say About MBOTMA

"Taking part in the creation of events like this, I began to appreciate the festivals on a much more intricate level. I began to connect with them as I helped care for them. I became invested in the success not only of the festival but also in the MBOTMA organization. I knew I was hooked when I began using “we” instead of the more formal “MBOTMA” or “they.” I love taking time to be bigger in this musical world and help bluegrass play on, in my own way!" - Kristina Hess

"It's fun to volunteer and to meet like minded people and talk music all day." - Vicki Andersen

"I’ve made friends and met a lot of lovely people who are committed to community service/volunteerism. Working for MBOTMA has presented one new experience after another, and they’ve all been great opportunities for both personal and
professional growth." - Vidya Neni

"It’s a great organization, and I’m just trying to do my part to help out! How has being a volunteer impacted you? It has been great getting a chance to meet all of the different folks involved with MBOTMA and being a small part of this great
organization." - Adam Kiesling

"It is great working with the diverse group of volunteers. I have met many new friends while doing volunteer jobs in MBOTMA. Being part of this Association has taught me the value of participation. I have learned to speak up and give my view." - Mary McSorely

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