Our Donors and Supporters are the Best!

Our deepest thanks to the following donors and supporters whose financial contributions to

MBOTMA make our programs possible.

Donations made in honor or recognition of loved ones can be found on the DEDICATIONS page.


3M Foundation
Thomas & Barbara Schommer


  • Dan Blaskowski
  • Ben Belisle
  • Stacey Berkheimer
  • Holle Brian
  • Doug Chasar
  • Nancy Conger
  • Dennis Davidson
  • Gary Dunny
  • Nathan Fjeld
  • Eleanor Hasse
  • Ryan Hayes
  • Joel Hentges
  • Nic Hentges

  • Kristina Hess
  • Mabel Houle
  • Tracy Keibler
  • Debbie Koehn
  • Bill Lindroos
  • Jo Anne Lorenz
  • Rolf Lund
  • Howard Markus
  • Wendy & Micahel McCourtney

  • Mac & Nancy McKay

  • Mary McSorely

  • Robin Nelson
  • Peder Paulson
  • Elizabeth Pim
  • Eric Platt
  • Amy Pond
  • Ella Ramsey
  • Sonia Reit
  • Rob Ross
  • Barbara Sekelsky
  • Mathew Schrack
  • Brett Simmons
  • Howell Smith

    • Carl Solander
    • Joan Spindler
    • Anthony Stachnik
    • Marguerita Tajinapis
    • Mary Walchuk
    • Jane & Dobson West
    • Nancy Wearne
    • Tony Williamette
    • Carole Wilson
    • Joyce Wolters
    • Jeff Wood
    • Terrance Wood

Platinum Membership

Roger & Maggie Jorgenson         Thomas & Barbara Schommer

Gold Membership

                    Doug Chasar              David Tousley                 Tom Sullivan

     Silver Membership    

Peter Albrecht

Gary & Karen Bartig

Christopher Boone

Barry Brooks

Laura Cooper

Robert & Marilyn Dodd

Doug Duncan

Craig Evans

Jennifer Faulkner

Mark Fisher

Darrell Fuhr

Tom Furrer

Jon Garon

Dale Gruber

Tom Gustafson

Michael Hildebrandt

Amy Houle

Mabel Houle

Mark Johnson

Harlan Jones

Douglas Lohman

Bob Lundeen

Rudy Marti

Brin Petersen

Tom & Cathy Schaefer

Penelope Scialla

Anthony Stachnik

Jane West

John Wilcox

Bronze Membership

Rod Anderson

Daryll & Mary Arntson

Vaughn Asselstine

Kermit Bischoff

Kenneth Bloch

Jane Conger

Hal Davis

Tom Draughon

Gary Dunny

Mary DuShane

Thomas Eckstein

Matt Edwards

Ed Emery

Leon Evans

Nathan Fjeld

Mary Ellen Fox

Jim Franczyk

David Hougen-Eitzman

Ann Iijima

Phaedra Johnson

Jim Johnson

Chris Juettner

Ryan Julien

Wil Kelley

Debbie Koehn

Jimmy Lally

Thomas Leach

Bill Lindroos

Kathleen Liners

Marianne Ludwig

Margaret Mackaman

Mark Mayer

Geraldine (Geri) McLennan

Mary McSorley

Corey Mohan

Bradley Munsterteiger

James Natwick

Rusty and Audrey Nelson

Dennis Okerstrom

Dick & Jeanne Reierson

Larry & Connie Rew

Brett & Kathy Smith

Howell Smith

Jim Stadin

James Storm

David Therkelsen

Marian Thompson

Ross Vaughan

Christopher Walchuk

Tim & Deborah Wankel

Bonnie Warner

Lucy Weberling

Susan Wichmann

Carole Wilson

Jeff Wood

Thank you to these organizations for all they do to support bluegrass and old-time music in Minnesota!

These activities are made possible in part by the voters of Minnesota through a Minnesota State Arts Board Operating Support grant and Creative Support for Organizations grant, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.

Minnesota Bluegrass & Old-Time Music Association
P.O. Box 16408, Minneapolis, MN 55416



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