Minnesota Bluegrass Fall Jam

November 10th - 13th, 2023  Crowne Plaza Hotel, Plymouth MN

Fall Jam Workshops


Saturday, November 12

Conference Room C

1:30pm Nate Lee, Teaching

2:00pm Tony Ihrig, Recording

3:00pm Mark Anderson, Stage Sound

4:00pm Lisa Fuglie, Fiddle 

Conference Room D

1:00pm Mandolin Workshop with Tom Schrack 

2:00pm Guitar Workshop with Jefferey C Wood 

Fall Jam welcomes Jeff Wood back for another great next-level workshop. This one, Jeff calls "Conquering E, the Inconvenient Key" Jeff is a great guitarist and also a great teacher. His workshops are always well organized and well attended.



3:00pm Bass Symposium with David Tousley

4:00pm Eldercare Performing, Dakota Dave Hull & Jon Garon
The Art of Arranging

Conference Room E

11:00am Eldercare Performing

1:00pm Marketing for Musicians, presented by Minnesota Music Coalition

2:00pm Minnesota Music Toolkit, presented by Minnesota Music Coalition 

3:00pm Getting Past Stage Fright with Tom Peschges Conference Room E

If being on stage is something you’ve always wanted to do but somethings holding you back, you might be interested in our workshop, “Getting Past Stage Fright ''

Everybody gets nervous before a show, even the most experienced performers and if they tell you otherwise, they are lying. We will give you the tools to get those butterflies flying in formation, power through the jitters and get out there and have a ball!


Saturday, November 12, 2022, CONFERENCE ROOM G

9–10am The Upper Midwest Fiddle Tune Common Repertoire with MaryPat

Mary Pat Kleven, president of the Minnesota State Fiddlers Association, will discuss their latest project, the Common Repertoire of Upper Midwest Fiddle Tunes, and will teach a few tunes from the list along with Charlie Knuth.

10–11am Irish Fiddle: The Auld Sod Old-time Session with Rob Ross

Come to the Auld Sod Old Time Session, and discover the joys of Irish, Scottish, and English tunes! Rob Ross is a self-taught fiddler and mandolin player who likes to play a wide variety of traditional styles. He is the treasurer and membership coordinator of the MN State Fiddler's Association and hosts the South of the River on-line jam.

11–12pm French Canadian Jam with Eric Platt

Mandolin and guitar player Eric Platt has been exploring French Canadian tunes since 2019, and started getting serious about them during the last few years when some great on-line jams started happening. Recently he and Pamela Longtine America have been playing shows featuring both Scandinavian and French Canadian tunes.

At the jam, he plans to get folks playing at least one reel, a jig and a waltz, and will have some sheet music available. Although he’s not planning to teach, he’ll  play the tunes at a slower pace so people can catch on. If there’s interest, he’ll even throw in a crooked tune or two!

Nadine Landry and Stephen “Sammy” Lind

12:30–2:30  Fiddle Workshop 

2:30–4:00 Harmony Workshop

Nadine Landry and Sammy Lind are passionate about traditional fiddle music that has been passed on for generations, classics of the south west Louisiana Cajun dance halls and songs that could have filled a 50s honky tonk jukebox. They live in the Eastern Quebec and tour all over the world as a duo or with their bands Foghorn Stringband and Cajun Country Revival.

4–5pm Old-Time Banjo workshop with Eric Lind

Eric Lind has been a mainstay in the MN old time music community for 25 years. He's a regular in the Monday Night Square Dance bands and other local square dances, was a member of the Mastadons, and played for the dance troupe GIRLGERMS. He’s taught many workshops at music and dance events including Bluff Country Gathering. An expert at Round Peak clawhammer style, his banjo echoes the sounds of Tommy Jarrell, Fred Cockerham and Kyle Creed.  In this workshop he’ll share some of the banjo techniques that give this style its unique sound.

5–6pm Jam Along With the Stringbeans

The StringBeans are Jo Schubert (Chickpea), Roger Cuthbertson (Garbanzo), and John Wallace (Refried). You may have run into them at a local Farmers Market or playing on a sidewalk near you, or perhaps you’ve heard them performing or jamming at an MBOTMA event! Now these longtime string players and singers invite you to join along with them on fiddle tunes, Tin Pan Alley style songs, an old Jimmie Rodgers song or two, and maybe a John Prine favorite.

Ukulele Workshops

Friday, Nov. 11

7:00–7:45pm - Europa Room

Petey Mack

Putting the FUN into Fundamentals

"I'm an old ukulele player that loves people! "

Saturday, Nov. 12

Dale & Brenda Moe

Learn more about Dale, Brenda, and THUG HERE!

9:15–10:15am - Conf. B

STEP 1: Learn to Play a Ukulele Beginner Lesson

10:30–11:30am - Conf. B

STEP 2: "Moving on Up" The next step for less experienced players.

1:00–2:00pm - Conf. B

STEP 3: "Keep Moving on Up" The next friendly step for less experienced players.

 Gerald Ross

"His musical virtuosity and entertaining mix of swing, blues, Hawaiian, American roots music and Tin Pan Alley are a joy to hear. And eclectic? When the mood strikes him, he’ll pick up the Cajun accordion, mandolin, bass, banjo, harmonica, charango and, as mentioned, the ukulele—the ukulele is not a toy."

9:15–10:15am - Regency Ballroom

"Three Note Chords"

1:00–2:00pm - Regency Ballroom

Improvising (Part 1)

3:30–4:30pm - Regency Ballroom

Improvising (Part 2)

Ukester Brown

"A Minnesota Ukulele player sharing what he learns as he learns it..." 

To learn more about Ukester visit his website Here!

10:30–11:30am - Regency Ballroom

"Intro to Barre Chording:

2:15–3:15pm - Regency Ballroom

"Efficient Chord Building"

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