Fall Jam

November 8 - 10, 2024  Crowne Plaza Hotel, Plymouth MN

2023 Fall Jam Workshops

Conference Room B

Friday Jam
9:30pm Gal Pal Jam with Boom & Mikkel
Saturday Workshop * Loaner Ukes Available
9:15am Step 1—Learn to Play a Ukulele with Dale & Brenda Moe
10:30am Step 2—Moving on Up—The next comfortable step for less experienced players with Dale & Brenda Moe
1:00pm Step 3—Keep on Moving Up with Dale & Brenda Moe
2:15pm Intro to Barre Chording with Ukester Brown

Conference Room C

Saturday Workshop
9:00am Upper Midwest Fiddle Jam with Clawhammer Mike Sawyer
10:00am Irish Old Time Jam with Rob Ross
11:00am Mandolin & Fiddle with Chirps Smith
12:00pm Laulualika Finnish Dance
12:30pm Finnish Jam with Ralph Tutilla
2:00pm Old-time Banjo with Steve Rosen
3:00pm Fiddle with Fred Campeau
4:00pm Clogging with Dot Kent
5:00pm Conversations with… Craig Evans Film
6:30pm Jam with Smith's Tamarack Trio
9:00pm Old Time Jam

Conference Room D

Saturday Workshop
10:30am Making a Song Your Own with Ukester Brown
12:00pm Beginning Guitar with Derek Johnson
1:00pm Convalescent Care Performances with Tony & Denise Stachnik
2:00pm Jamming Tips & Banjo with Graham Sones
3:00pm Vocals with The Waddington Brothers
4:00pm Melodic Banjo with Barry St. Mane

Conference Room E—Gathering Place

Friday Workshop
7:00–11:00pm Nice & Easy Jam
Saturday Workshop
9:00am–11:00pm Nice & Easy Jam

Studio 5

Saturday Workshop
10:30am–12:00pm Music of Doc Watson with Jon Garon
12:00–1:30pm Strum bowing & comping on violin & cello with Olivia Quintanilla & Karen Kozak
1:30–3:00pm Unleashing creativity: Finding your own voice in music, with Liz Ashworth & Ben Valine
3:00–5:00pm Performance Production: Live sound & Light, with Mark Anderson
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