Minnesota Bluegrass Homegrown Kickoff

Minnesota Bluegrass Kickoff Jam

May 31-June 2, 2019  •  El Rancho Mañana, Richmond, MN

New in 2019 - the Kickoff Pickin' Party!

We’ve made some big exciting changes to the Kickoff for 2019. Instead of putting on the same Kickoff festival, El Rancho Manana campground will host a Kickoff Pickin’ Party the weekend after Memorial Day.

This will be a three-day gathering of Minnesota Bluegrass members, family and friends with performing opportunities at the Ranch House Live stage in the evenings. Unlike past years, there won’t be any shows on the main stage and Minnesota Bluegrass won’t be selling tickets to the event. Instead, you’ll check-in with the campground at the store and pay a minimal fee for non-utility camping per person. I

f you’d like to have a reserved utility camping spot you can contact El Rancho Mañana directly to reserve a spot. We are getting our name and number system in-line with the campgrounds system for reserved camping to help everything go smoothly.

This new event continues on in the spirit of doing what we all love best, gathering as a community of pickers and grinners to make music with people. We hope you all come out to make the inaugural Pickin’ Party a great time! 

Reserved camping will be available starting this spring. Stay tuned for more details!

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