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Minnesota Bluegrass August Festival  

August 5-8, 2021 • El Rancho Mañana, Richmond, MN | ​Nominated IBMA Event of the Year FIVE Times!

Hands-On Workshops

Workshops at the Minnesota Bluegrass & Old-Time Music Festival are meant to be "hands-on" workshops (H.O.W.). In other words, they are for people to bring their instrument, get it out, and actually learn something they didn't know before. That is not going to happen with just one instructor and a large crowd of people, so we limit each of these workshops to seven pre-registered pickers, and that is why there are only eight chairs at each workshop tent. 

To sort out who gets to sit in one of those chairs, attendees must reserve a spot by signing up ahead of time at the workshop tent. Sign-up sheets for the day will be posted at the workshop tent at 9:45 AM each day. Advanced level workshops (tent A) are intended for players with several years experience and beginning level workshops (tent B) are intended for those just starting out. 

If you are not lucky enough to be one of the seven, or you don't have an instrument, you are welcome to "audit" the workshop by standing and observing from the back.

*Hands-On-Workshops: Limited to seven people with instrument. Signup sheets posted 9:45 AM each day.

Friday Schedule 

12:00 pm

Tent A: BG Banjo with Greg Cahill

Tent B: BG Mando with Nate Burie

1:00 pm

Tent A: BG Guitar with Jacob Greer

Tent B: BG Bass with Jason Moore

2:00 pm

Tent A: Dobro with Wally Hughes

Tent B: OT Banjo with Steve Rosen

3:00 pm

Tent A: BG Guitar with Greg Blake

Tent B: OT Fiddle with Paul Tyler

Saturday Schedule  


Tent A: Tom Draughon, Beginner Guitar

Tent B:


Tent A:  Brian Wicklund, Fiddle

Tent B: Fish Heads songwriting workshops with Mike & Kim

12:00 pm

Tent A: BG Bass w/ Zach Collier

Tent B: BG Mando w/ Zion Napier 

1:00 pm

Tent A: BG Mando w/ Brian Wicklund

Tent B: BG Guitar/ Harmony Singing w/ Caleb Daugherty

2:00 pm

Tent A: OT Fiddle w/ Chirps Smith

Tent B: Dobro w/ Dave Kuenstler

3:00 pm

Tent A:  BG Guitar w/ Skip Cherryholms

Tent B: BG Fiddle w/ Jamie Harper

4:00 pm

Tent A: 

Tent B: BG Guitar w/ Jim Woolsey

5:00 pm 

Jim and Lynna Songwriting Workshop

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